Psychedelic Art

WP_anggaramahendra_psychedelic art_1

18 August 2013.

SPRITES Moment #8: Psychedelic Art

Sequences of Rhythm and Tune Light, Color and Motion will be carefully compose to arouse all of the elements during the process. Scenographers: Yoka Sara, Marlowe Bandem, & Ayip Budiman

Performance by: Made Tegeh Okta Wahyu Mahery or DekGeh, Le Kung (Award winning Painter. Art performer. Active in many art exhibitions nationally and locally)

WP_anggaramahendra_psychedelic art_2 WP_anggaramahendra_psychedelic art_3 WP_anggaramahendra_psychedelic art_4 WP_anggaramahendra_psychedelic art_5 WP_anggaramahendra_psychedelic art_6 WP_anggaramahendra_psychedelic art_7 WP_anggaramahendra_psychedelic art_8 WP_anggaramahendra_psychedelic art_9 WP_anggaramahendra_psychedelic art_10

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